Angela conjaerts


"After having what I would call an unbearable disconnect with my body I began to practice yoga as a way to understand how my body moves through space. As my understanding grew, I was able to integrate my mental health into what was originally for me, just a physical practice.

Upon completing various teacher trainings, I have developed my company In Bloom. Where in part, I support people on a similar journey of developing and engaging with the undeniable kinship that is the body and the mind. I feel yoga is a practice, much like life is a practice. In both, we should have no expectations. Asanas, breath work and reflection are all just different ways of holding ourselves in the shapes and spaces that are necessary and ever changing each day. Yoga has been a place for me to actively surrender."

Current Schedule - 

Wednesdays - 7.30am - Mandala

Saturdays - 11.15am - Strong & Slow Flow

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