Delice headlam

Delice has explored movement from a young age, mainly through dance. Her yoga journey started after rehabilitation and the last year of university when stress levels were amplified - she found comfort in moving slowly and mindfully and exploring other holistic healing modalities to help deepen her personal practice.

As a Movement Psychotherapist, Delice implements the therapeutic principles whilst encouraging the use of breath, posture and embodiment to explore the journey of inner connectivity and self-discovery. Her approach to yoga highlights the mindfulness to lifestyle, physicality, mentality and emotional wellbeing that each person experiences on a day to day and so with this you are guided into finding a way to move.


"I work in accordance to you - creating a guided practice which is a stimulating experience you will explore and encourage emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual aspects of Self."

Current Schedule:

Tuesdays - 6.30pm - Yang to Yin

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