elena mcdonough

"I fell in love with yoga early on in life, in my late teens, for so many reasons... the grace and radiance of my teachers, the acknowledgement of sensation as an important aspect of our existence, the mystical, meditative heart of the practice, and the experience of profound stillness. Lately I’ve been adventuring in the inner world and subtle body through yoga nidra, a guided meditation practice with ancient roots and a wealth of modern scientific backing. The movement through the deeper layers of consciousness is rich and exciting, especially as we’re experiencing limits on our external freedoms.
Yoga feels like medicine for the soul, and I’m grateful to be able to act in the global grassroots movement of yoga. I express this through sharing wisdom (usually in the form of poetry) from sages that has moved me in the hopes that it may resonate with you - each class an offering laid at the feet of your (our) potential, presenting pathways towards your most luminous, loving, sacred self."

Current Schedule

Fridays - 6pm - Candlelit Flow & Restore

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