jeni england

"As a fan of running and hiit I used to think yoga was too slow. Then I discovered rocket and found you can workout just as hard in a yoga studio! As my practice progressed I started to realised that the softer, slower side of yoga is actually incredible too and so important.
I suffer from quite an extreme form of hypermobility, and practising yoga has enabled me to become so much more in tune with my body. The way it moves, what different sensations mean, where my edge is and where it should be. The connection between mind and body is often talked about but I truly believe it is one of the most important things anyone can learn. You start to realise how connected your mental and physical health are and how movement and breath can aid your mental state.
My classes are focused on this connection. Whether we're upsidedown in a rocket class, or lying in stillness practising nidra, I will always encourage my students to come back to their breath and the sensations they are feeling. I believe if we can truly connect to ourselves it will enable us to connect with the world around us more deeply."

Current Schedule - 

Thursdays - 6.30pm - Vinyasa

Saturdays - 9am - Rocket (75mins)

You can also catch Jeni running the Y-oga Store studio and cafe. Pop in, grab a coffee and say hi!

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