kate hiley

"Hi I’m Kate! I’m a yoga teacher, artist, musician and lover of all animals big and small. I began practicing Yoga in Paris over 10 years ago, and since then, it’s weaved its way into the fabric of my life. It's definitely helped me to be more present and self-aware. I’m passionate about teaching and studying Yoga and I find the greatest joy in witnessing my students develop a deeper connection with themselves through this amazing practice. Everyone’s experience of yoga is different and unique and that's the beauty! 
My classes are playful, creative and most importantly inclusive. I encourage students to explore their individual range of motion, so they can develop the tools to move freely and confidently, both in their yoga practice and everyday life. I believe that play is an important part of movement and it liberates us from the need for perfection (something I definitely try to work on!) so I try and bring some play into all of my classes. The more I study the more strongly I believe that the physical practice of yoga should be adaptable for everybody, so that the emotional and spiritual benefits are accessible for all. For me, the physical poses that we move through in class are a means to an end, it's the subtle impact that yoga has on my emotional and spiritual development daily, that keeps me coming back for more. 

Current Schedule - 

Fridays - 12.30pm - Flow & Restore (45mins)

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