mike julian

"I first discovered yoga after moving to Hong Kong in 2012, practicing with teachers from a number of different traditions. I came to the practice as a way to heal physical injuries picked up through running.
I did my initial Yogasana teacher training with Stewart Gilchrist after I moved back to London in 2016, & still practice regularly with him and other inspiring senior teachers.
I learned quickly that the physical practice is but one aspect of yoga. I discovered and built strength, flexibility & balance not just in my body, but also in my mind & spirit. The asanas (poses) came quickly for me, and I began on a journey of meditation, and sought out teachers who would bring philosophy & history into the classes.
I am an eternal student of this discipline, and I am grateful to all my teachers & students, past, present and future."

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Tuesdays - 7.30am - Yogasana 

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