Negeen aram

"My Yoga journey properly began in 2012. I initially started practicing Yoga to complement my pre-existing mindful and meditative practices, but it wasn’t until exploring a physical Yoga practice (Asana) that everything fell into place and made a lot more sense! I then went on to do my Teacher Training in 2015, and have been teaching Yoga full time ever since. 

Yoga not only gives me the tools to move through life with more autonomy, ease, and self awareness, but it also brings me so much joy. This sense of freedom and knowing oneself is something I hope to share and encourage within everyone who practices with me. My teaching style is clear, grounding, explorative, and accessible. My main hope when sharing Yoga is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable enough to listen to your body and to trust your own instincts. I aim to deliver classes where you know that you have full autonomy over your body, and have full freedom to safely explore the way it moves in ways that suit you. I also put great emphasis on breathing to develop a deeper sense of mindfulness & presence not only in your movements and your Yoga practice, but also in your life off the mat. I’m looking forward to sharing yoga with you soon!"

Currently Schedule:

5pm - Wednesdays - Yang to Yin

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