sarah logue

"I am a 240 RYT, specialising in Children’s Yoga & Vinyāsa. I come from a background in performing arts and unfortunately as for many people in the industry, it took it’s toll on my mental health and especially how that manifested in my relationship with my body. I first came to meditation as a coping strategy for frequent panic attacks I was living through around age 19 and I began to carve out that path for space within myself. This grew into a yoga practice and lead me to take my Yoga teacher training during the beginning of the Pandemic.


Yoga helps me maintain loving connection with my body - working with it, not against it. To breathe through my fears, not stop them. I’ve worked teaching Children for the past five years.  It’s something I love and is really important to me. It’s a total dream for me to now be working bringing my passions of work with young children and the powers of yoga together! My yoga practice continually informs and transforms my life, I’m so excited to get to share that with others."

Current Schedule:

Fridays - 4.15pm - Kid's Yoga (Ages 2-6)

                 5pm - Kid's Yoga (Ages 7-12)

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